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Have you been looking for a kitten or puppy in Chicago or in another state for a long time?

MeoWoof offers only elite purebred kittens and puppies. With love, we care for our pets and we don’t stop until we find them the perfect family, one by one!

All our pets are raised in doors and we are here to provide exceptional service for the new owners. From our small beginnings, we are here to make your experience buying your new kitten a pleasant and easy one.  While we’re proud of our small cattery, our commitment to the safety and security of your pet guides everything we do.

Why did we decide to bring cats and dogs together? Because it is a myth that they can`t be friends! They become best friends living in the same house! And by letting you choose both - a kitten and a puppy at once, we facilitate your searches and the time spent on the Internet. Our site contains the most friendly breeds of kittens and puppies : Scottish fold, Maltese, Maine Coon, French Bulldog, British kittens and many others.

Our main goal at MeoWoof  is to find the perfect family for our paws, and for you to enjoy your best friend. It is a fact that our pets are therapy animals. They will bring a lot of happiness and love for you.

In addition, when a child has no brother or sister, research shows that pets help them develop greater empathy which can result in higher self-esteem and possible increased participation in social and physical activities.

Cuddling your kitten or puppie every morning or after a hard-work day will give you much greater relaxation or energy as you are sharing the love and receiving back.

Let us help you with that,

We are committed to keeping pure breeds so as to share with you the uniqueness of each kitty or puppies.

All MeoWoof pets are vaccinated against feline infections, such as feline panleukopenia (fever), viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and rabies. All chipped.

Our puppies and kittens are cage-free !!!!


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